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Is adoption confidential?

Yes. Adoption is confidential unless you decide that you would like to share identifying information with the adoptive family.

Can I choose the parent(s) that will adopt my child?

Absolutely. We will show you profiles about families seeking to adopt a child. You can read about the family's history, see photos, and possibly speak with the family if you would like.

How do I know the parents will provide a good home for my child?

Every family with Adoptive Families for Children is required to complete a home study, which is a type of approval process for the potential parent(s). They must submit medical records, financial statements and letters of reference. We also confirm there is no criminal record. Frequently, a caseworker visits the family in their home to get to know them and their reasons for adoption. The adoptive parent(s) will also attend training on adoption and parenting. Only after they have completed and passed each of these steps are they approved to adopt.

Do I have to pay a lot of money to place my baby up for adoption?

No. There are no adoption costs for birth mothers and birth parents choosing adoption. Women who place their child with Adoptive Families for Children may receive assistance with expenses during their pregnancy. Adoptive parents are able to provide help with living expenses, counseling, legal and/or medical expenses you incur during your pregnancy. If you have other concerns regarding the cost of adoption, please contact one of our adoption professionals today.

What is an "open" adoption?

An open adoption is when the birth mother (or birth parents) and the adoptive parent(s) know the identity of one another and choose to remain in contact after the legal process is complete. This "openness" can be in the form of letter and picture updates through our agency, or by direct person-to-person contact and visits, depending on the comfort level and desires of all involved parties.
While open adoption may not be the choice for everyone, it allows the birth parent(s) to have peace of mind, knowing that their child is safe, and it allows the adoptive parent(s) and their new child to remain connected to their "roots." No matter what you decide, remember that there is no "right," "wrong," or "best" way to go about the adoption process.

What is a "closed" adoption?

In contrast to an open adoption, a closed adoption is a type of adoption in which an infant is adopted by the adoptive parent(s) and the record of the biological parent(s) is kept sealed. The birth parent(s) and adoptive parent(s) that choose closed adoptions may do so due to the wishes of one or both of the respective parties. Formerly, closed adoptions and sealed records ensured that the adopted child and birth parent(s) would not find each other, although various programs, organizations, and the Internet have made this process easier in recent years. Only a court order allows closed adoption records to be unsealed.

I am under 18. Do I have to tell my parents?

The answer depends on with whom you live and other factors. During your free consultation meeting, our professionals will be able to answer this question.

What if I want my child back?

By choosing adoption, you are making a plan for your child to have a family and a permanent home. If you think you may want your child back one day, please talk with our adoption professionals. They can help you make the best decision for you and your child, both for now and in the future.

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There are many reasons to choose adoption for your baby.

Maybe you feel you are not ready to be a responsible parent. 

Perhaps your life is currently unsettled, and you  feel you can not adequately provide for a child. 

Whatever your reason, we know that placing a child for adoption is a difficult decision, 
and  we are here to help

All our services are completely free to birthmothers.

We have been connecting birth parents with loving adoptive families since 1983.

We offer individual counseling to answer your questions and to help you decide what is best for you and your child. 

We also make every effort to help you meet your medical, legal, housing and transportation expenses throughout the adoption process. 

You Choose the Adoptive Family That’s Right For You and Your Baby

We have many approved families who are ready for the responsibility of raising a child. 

These families represent a variety of different personalities, lifestyles, homes, religious beliefs and professions, but they all have the tremendous desire to parent a child.

Our professionals will help you understand the adoption process, safeguard your rights and promote your wishes throughout this journey. 

You can choose a closed adoption (where you do not meet or speak with the adoptive family), an open adoption (where you have the opportunity to meet the prospective adoptive parents), or an adoption that falls somewhere in between.

After your child is placed for adoption, Adoptive Families for Children will continue to assist you with counseling. 

We also can help you learn about your growing child by providing you with photos and progress reports over the coming weeks, months and years. 

With Adoptive Families for Children, you are not alone. We pledge to be with you every step of the way.


Kelly / Theo  /  Jael

               After being unsuccessful at starting a family for several years, we weighed our options and decided on adoption. Without any step-by-step "how-to" guides readily available, we weren't sure where to start with this process. 

We began searching websites and found Adoptive Families for Children online. We called AFFC and it was the best call ever. Shortly after, we met with the AFFC staff and they explained what we needed to do to begin the process of adoption, and how to go about getting everything prepared.

Immediately, we received several options for birth mothers and we were very excited. We were first matched up with a birth mother from Arizona and were happy to learn she was having a little girl. 

Unfortunately, she ended up changing her mind about adoption the same week we were to fly to Arizona for the birth. 

We were devastated, but the AFFC team helped us discuss our potential options and gave us the support we needed through this rough patch. 

We decided to put the past behind us and look forward to the future.

Four days later, AFFC called to discuss a potential opportunity in-state with a birth mother who had given birth the day before. 

The team wanted to share our profile with this birth mother to see if we'd be a good fit. 

We were more than ready to bring home a little one, so of course we agreed. We then had the most restless night of sleep! 

The next day, AFFC called and said that the birth parents had chosen our profile and hoped we could meet that afternoon. Needless to say, the meeting went very well. 

The birth parents were wonderful, selfless people and we had an instant connection. 

The next day we brought our daughter, Jael, home from the hospital! It was like a scene from a movie.

Jael is our joy and our life! We now have the family we always wanted. The AFFC team worked so hard for us throughout the emotional highs and lows. We can't thank them enough!

Collin  / John  /  Lucy

               We always thought it would be easy to start a family when we were ready. Yet, after two years without a pregnancy and the ensuing emotional roller coaster ride of several unsuccessful fertility treatments, we were ready for another option. We turned to the team at Adoptive Families for Children - somewhat apprehensively - as it was new territory for us.

From our first meeting with the AFFC team, we were instantly comfortable. They truly helped us through each and every step in the process, beginning with the creation of our family profile to share with birth parents. Their social worker made our home study process easy and painless. Over the course of several months, AFFC e-mailed us a number of potential adoption opportunities. Anxiously awaiting a match, we called AFFC periodically to check in and discuss how to improve our chances. She was never too busy to reassure us and lift our spirits back into positive territory.

Four months into the process, we received a call on a Friday about an opportunity in New Hampshire. A baby girl had been born four days earlier and needed an immediate placement because the adoptive parents initially selected were not able to follow through. The AFFC team planned to meet with the birth mother over the weekend, share several adoptive parent profiles with her, and hoped to have a decision made by Monday. We tried not to get too excited about our chances, but couldn't help but think of the possibility. For the first time ever, the weekend actually dragged on!

Monday brought us the amazing news that changed our lives. The birth mother had enjoyed our profile and wanted to meet us! We drove to the hospital the very next day to meet her and the baby. Needless to say, we were extremely nervous and hoped we'd make a strong connection. 

The AFFC team introduced us all and it was clear during the visit that she was well in tune with everyone's feelings. Once again, we had no reason to be worried. Later that day, we were informed that the birth mother was completely comfortable with her decision and had chosen us as adoptive parents. And just a short time later, Lucy was dozing comfortably in our home.

We can't say enough about the entire team at AFFC. Their professionalism and responsiveness made us feel like we were their only clients. They turned what can initially seem like a daunting, challenging process into an exciting journey.

Our entire adoption experience has been nothing less than wonderful. We have a beautiful baby girl, whose bright smile just melts your heart. We are forever grateful to AFFC and how they helped make our dream family a reality.

Are You Thinking of Placing Your Child for Adoption?

Our professionals will help you understand the adoption process, safeguard your rights and promote your wishes. You are not alone. We will be with you every step of the way.

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Executive Director Kristine Pries

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